ASMC believes that success comes from empowering the world around us. We are committed to more than responsible corporate practices – we strive to actively improve our environment and the lives we come across. 2.5% of ASMC's profits go toward our CSR programs.

We believe the key to greater innovation, and the improvement of one's livelihood, comes through education. By nurturing the knowledge and ethics of today's children, we shape a greater future for ourselves. To date, we have proactively implemented this vision through our partnership with various educational institutions.


Yayasan Birrul Ummati

Located in Sukabumi, West Java, Yayasan Birrul Ummati is a school with a syllabus that emphasizes character development and personal confidence. ASMC has taken it upon ourselves to remunerate the school's educators.

Yayasan Pondok Pesantren Fadilah

Located in Sidoarjo, Surabaya, this school is a division of Indonesia's much respected Darulsalam Guntor Institution. ASMC is providing financial support for the running of the institution, and is currently assisting with plans to undertake land acquisition for the school. This will allow for expansions in facilities and student numbers.


Al-Maarif Institution

The Al-Maarif Institution in Singapore strives to provide a balanced, flexible and holistic education. This is in accordance with ASMC's own views on emerging professional needs, and with the innovation - borne of adaptability - that we prize within our own corporate culture. ASMC has pledged to support any charity event or donation call by this institution.