Incorporated in Singapore in 2009, ASMC was started by a group of experienced mining professionals from South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. ASMC had mining concessions in East and South Kalimantan, Indonesia, an operation office in Jakarta, and a branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ASMC core business is in the exploitation and trading of energy and mineral resources both within Indonesia and other countries. We operate a total of 2 mining concessions in Indonesia.

ASMC has mining operations in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Java. Joint Venture in Indonesia known as PT SAMBAS ASMC GLOBAL (PT SAG) owning several coal, nickel, gold and manganese concessions. ASMC is the sole representative of an international mining equipment manufacturer in South East Asia; ASMC has an office and factory in Mindanao, Philippines, serving the local mining industry and producing an array of minerals. Our expansion plans include acquisition of a power plant in Indonesia.

ASMC business activities include:

  • Coal, energy and other mineral resources (concessions and trading);
  • Mining contractor/consultant;
  • Design engineering consultant;
  • Oil & gas;

With the combined knowledge of our Board of Directors and Expert Staff in various fields
ranging from exploration, marketing, trade, management and finance we  engage and work closely with experienced and well established Consultants, Field Experts, local Government bodies and most of all the local people to further our corporate goals. Our company has the perfect ingredients to offer our customers rapid growth in the Global Energy Supply








Our values and principles help us on our journey towards sustainable development. By living according to our defined Corporate Value, we can meet the current needs of our organization and funders, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing human, natural and financial capital for the future.


We aim to create value for our clients, business partners and employees through our exploration programs, mining and marketing of our products in a safe and responsible manner. Whilst our primary focus is natural resources, we will also pursue growth creating opportunities in other infrastructures where we can leverage on our existing assets, skills and experiences. We will build a sustainable mining business that consistently delivers top earnings for all stakeholders alongside leading in terms of safety, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.


We envision ourselves to be a leading mining company in south-east Asia through the acquisition, development and production of quality assets and reserves in a safe, profitable and socially responsible manner, embracing sustainability in our industry.


In order to achieve our goals, we will actively strive to manage and build on our portfolio of high quality assets and services in order to achieve real growth across all key measures. We work towards building a performance driven organisation in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for his/her performance. We are also dedicated to earn the trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and funders by being forthright in our communications and consistently delivering on our commitments.


We are a closely-knit team of highly qualified professionals. We understand the ingredients for successful strategic tie-ups, joint ventures and other forms of partnerships well. To ensure stability and sustainability, we choose to work closely with our stakeholders and strategic partners, forming last and enduring relationships.

History and Milestones

May 2009

Started by experienced mining professionals

ASMC was started by a group of experienced mining professionals from South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore with a focus on commodities trading. During this period, ASMC enters into joint venture agreements with a number of coal mining concessions in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.
October 2011


Indonesian Operations Office opens at the World Trade Centre, Sudirman in south Jakarta.


ASMC enters into further joint venture agreements over coal concessions in East Kalimantan.
October 2015

Continued expansion

In continued expansion, ASMC opens a branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and founding of ASMC Agrotech. ASMC also ventures into exploration for coal, precious and base metal resources in SEA. ASMC-Indonesia deploys an operational team from Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.
February 2017


ASMC enters into an agreement with Appropriate Process Technologies of South Africa, to become the sole representative for their mining equipment in Southeast Asia and provide on-ground technical support services.
July 2017


ASMC Environmental & Resources Consultancy Corp. was founded in Philippines.


ASMC enters into a Licence Agreement with APT for the local manufacture of Gold Kacha 4 Concentrators in south-east Asia.

October 2017

Joint ventures

A joint venture in Indonesia known as PT Sambas ASMC Global (PT SAG), owning several coal concessions, an export nickel mine as well as several gold and manganese concessions play an important role in the ASMC expansion path.

Next Growth Phase

ASMC embarks on the precious metals refining journey – completing installation of our first Refinery in Singapore in December. ASMC also moves to its new Head Quarters at Keppel Bay Tower in November driven by ongoing growth.

Leadership Team


Asia Strategic Mining Corporation Chief Executive Officer and Director of Mining


Asia Strategic Mining Corporation PT SAMBAS ASMC GLOBAL Business Development Manager


Asia Strategic Mining Corporation PT SAMBAS ASMC GLOBAL Director of Business Operations


PT Sambas Minerals Mining (Sambas Group)
President Director


PT Sambas Minerals Mining (Sambas Group)
Kendari Branch Manager